Help us share God's Word where it's needed most

Help Empower Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Tanzania's Mbarali District

In Tanzania, an estimated 1.3 million children are orphans after having lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Your donation provides desperately needed care for orphans and vulnerable Children’s in the Mbarali District


The Bible Society of Tanzania uses your donation to teach orphans about:

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Sexuality and puberty changes
  • Health education
  • Forming friendships
  • Good behavior and responsible living
  • and offering them psychological support

Donate Now to Change Lives

Help orphans and vulnerable children lead fulfilling lives

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has claimed many lives that left orphaned children in Mbarali District. Some of them are HIV positive too. We need your help to bring God’s Word to them.

Give now so ALL people may experience the life changing message of God’s Word.

The Bible Society of Tanzania (BST) is registered as a non-profit inter confessional organisation registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation, Registration No. S05722 of 1970. Our partners in this project are the Lutheran, Moravian, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal churches in the area.