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Get Scripture to beneficiaries of the Faith Comes by Hearing, Trauma Healing, and Jesus Film projects.

  • In Mara region, where the Kurya, Luo, and Jita communities live, dwell, there are embedded traditions and culture in which women are treated as lesser human beings. This is characterized by gender based violence (GBV), sexual exploitation, wife beating, female genital mutilation (FGM) and inheritance of widows. There are no equal rights between men and women.
  • In Mwanza and Shinyanga there is a belief associated with Witch craft that body parts of Albinos are used to prepare charms given to some one who wants to be rich, win political election or success. Albinos are hunted like wild animals.
  • Refugees in the Kigoma Nyarugusu Refugee camp have been there for more than 10 years due to instability in DRC and Burundi.

The Tanzanian government’s Ministry of Education and Culture encourages religious organization to run Bible programs in primary and secondary schools. The Bible society of Tanzania is using this pportunity to introduce its programs in schools to reach Tanzanian youth with the word of God.

Help the Bible Society of Tanzania get 5,000 Bibles, 10,000 New Testaments, and 30,000 Bible Portions into the hands those waiting to read God’s Word for the very first time. Donated Scriptures help to strengthen the faith of new believers in small groups so they can grow in numbers and become churches.

End 2 End integrates three missions

  • Faith Comes by Hearing, Trauma Hearing (FCBH)
  • Trauma Healing victims meet together in their healing groups with the Bible as the center of their discussions
  • To reach out the beneficiaries of Jesus Film

Most of these people cannot afford to buy Bibles of their own. They need your help.

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More and more people will come to Christ through the discipleship originating from watching the Jesus Film and the Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) programs. There are many beneficiaries of the Jesus Film and FCBH who are in need of Scriptures. Most of these people cannot afford to buy Bibles of their own. We need your help to give God’s Word to them. Give now so ALL people may experience the life changing message of God’s Word

The Bible Society of Tanzania (BST) is registered as a non-profit inter confessional organisation registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation, Registration No. S05722 of 1970. Our partners in this project are the Lutheran, Moravian, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal churches in the area.